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XLR8 Wellness

XLR8 Wellness are passionate about helping people change their lives for the better.
If you want to stop sleeping through your alarm, have extra energy at the end of the day, have increased mental clarity, and be at your optimal weight, then XLR8 Wellness can help.

XLR8 Wellness offers products that are nutritionally complete and provides your body with all the nutrients you need on a daily basis.

  • Nutrition and Health Programs
  • Free Fit Club
  • Weightloss Challenges
XLR8 Wellness will help start your journey to a new you and be with guidance and support along the way to ensure you reach your wellness goals.
Linley uses Herbalife products to assist clients with their well-being.
If you also have a passion for helping people and would like to be a part of changing the nutritional habits of the world, ask Linley about becoming part of the Herbalife team.
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