Welcome to the Northern Beaches Directory

Townsville is a great place to live and we’re particularly passionate about the Northern Beaches area.  After all…we live here.

One day we were thinking…”Wouldn’t it be great to have a central place where we could find local businesses and services, rather than having to drive into town all the time?”

Running our own marketing business, we immediately saw the benefits for businesses listing in a local directory and connecting with local customers.

The Northern Beaches area is growing rapidly and new families and businesses are moving in all the time.  In fact the latest stats from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed a NET increase in Deeragun for the year of 1500 people (or 8.9%) and the rest of the Northern Beaches up by 390 people (or 6.2%).

The Northern Beaches population is expected to almost triple over the next 15 years, reaching over 70 000 people.

Let’s use the Northern Beaches Directory to grow and connect with our “Northern Beaches” neighbours.

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